Katherine Ormerod

In Conversation With Katherine Ormerod

Katherine Ormerod is a journalist, influencer and brand consultant with 10 years experience working with magazines including Grazia, Sunday Times Style & Glamour. Earlier this year, Katherine launched workworkwork.co, an anti-perfectionism platform where women working in aspirational industries can share their struggles in a bid to rebalance perceptions gleaned from the filtered world of social media.

Katherine lives in North West London and consults for a range of brands across fashion, beauty and lifestyle while contributing to various different magazines and newspapers as a freelance writer and hosting inspirational talks and events with the workworkwork community. Work Work Work is a platform where women employed across a broad range of aspirational industries including fashion, beauty, design, art, fitness and beyond can discuss the roadblocks they’ve encountered at different stages of their lives. The intention is to offer advice and experience across personal and professional development—both in and out of the office.

Katherine's Work as seen in Stella Magazine