AP Talks - Patricia Rezai

In Conversation With Patricia Rezai

Born in Ottawa, Canada, Patricia Rezai spent her childhood travelling around the world with her parents and as such has never felt the notion of home nor associates herself with any place in time or space. Her time encountering various countries, cultures, schools and friends have always been short but intense for her, however her parents had always guided her to be free and open minded and to accept the journey of life no matter what interests and obstacles come her way. Having been given this freedom, she opted to go down the creative road.

After graduating in 2005, Patricia moved to London and studied Art History and Art Direction at Central Saint Martins, which led to the start of a new journey around womanhood. Patricia began her career as an erotic writer after she discovered her ability to write and create her own universe of solitary voyeurism, so she first began an online blog called the Female Zoo, which eventually turned into three published books, OLYMPIA, DAHLIA and CHLORIS. Patricia is currently working on her fourth book titled “Submerged in a Garden of Lust” and lives in Madrid where she hopes to create a space in the city, where women can come together.

Patricia Rezai by Boris Schipper

Chloris, the final book in Patricia’s trilogy of erotic poems