Whether its Chantilly lace from France or Swarovski crystals from Austria, our Production team gather it from all corners of the world and bring it together in our factories to create the gorgeous pieces you see gracing our Agent Provocateur stores. They track and trace the progress of each line, provide live updates on when it’s ready and ensure that orders are on time for product drops. Life moves fast in Production!

All these positions are based in-house at our stylish London Head Office located at 154 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1R5AB.


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Production Administrator

Agent Provocateur are hiring for a Product Administrator to support the Junior Production Manager in administrating the production lifecycle from order placement to delivery and to assist in ensuring the on time delivery of all ranges from Creating purchase order to final QC check in the warehouse.

Key Responsibilities

Purchase orders

  • Ensure style set up on all item cards is accurate on dynamics
  • Raising new Purchase Orders & actioning amendments when necessary in a concise and timely manner in accordance to the global critical path
  • Review and check all POs with Junior Production Manager
  • Placing POs with the relevant supplier
  • Manage order confirmation and del date confirmation with our suppliers
  • Support the Junior Production Manager in ensuring the Seasonal Launch Calendar is set up with all information from factories at start of order placement of all product
  • Booking raw materials and components as needed
  • Issuing price changes to purchase orders once agreed by the business
  • Supporting on special projects and bespoke items ensuring purchase orders are raised in timely manner and all major milestones are met
  • Manage barcode creation and distribution for any suppliers that require it

On time delivery

  • Collate weekly updated Critical Paths from factories to ensure all trigger dates are met on designated phases and participate in weekly conference calls alongside the Production Coordinator
  • Weekly team meeting with Production Coordinator to feedback updates from the factories in order to make sure that the launch calendar and dynamics are representative of production status
  • Supporting the Production Coordinator with the approval and administrating of lab dips and bulk submissions
  • Liaising with the Logistics team to ensure that stock is picked up in agreed time frame to achieve on time delivery
  • Manage on time delivery of the press samples for all divisions with the support of the Production Coordinator
  • Assist with the management of all new marketing/packaging developing within the timelines required for production
  • Manage on time delivery of the press samples for all divisions with the support of the Production Coordinator
  • With the support of the production director request, approve and file all compliance and factory audit reports by supplier and ensure annual review completed
  • Adding fabric compositions, type and weight to retail item cards on dynamics


  • Communicate directly with the warehouse ensuring stock is QCed in a timely manner. Work with merchandising to ensure all urgent deliveries are flagged to the warehouse
  • Ensure all AQL results are reported to the required departments and any failed are reported to the technical team for further action
  • Assist with the arrangements of any unit movements between HQ and the warehouse
  • Update AQL status on global delivery report
  • Management of gold seals shipment to warehouse and logging these back against the bulk PO on the system

General Admin

  • Invoice Management on a weekly basis
  • Supporting the general admin of the team

Labelling and trim management

  • With the support of the Production Coordinator review/analyse and discuss ranges being sent to China with the Merchandising team at the start of the season
  • Manage time line of labelling and testing procedure with suppliers to ensure product is ready in accordance to critical path
  • Check test reports to understand any issues that ensue and work with the testing houses to proactively solve these
  • Ensure all results are recorded and any issues raised to Production Coordinator
  • For any suppliers that require it, assist with sending out samples for testing and ordering global labels
  • Manage all label and trim requirements and new developments with label suppliers with the support of the Production Coordinator
  • Work with the Production Coordinator to ensure the label suppliers are set with projections for the upcoming season ensuring stock levels fulfil business needs

Key Relationships

  • Product Development Team
  • Merchandising Team
  • Design Team
  • Technical Team
  • Finance Team
  • Marketing Team