Though based in London, our expert HR practitioners relish the challenge of running a global department where every day is different. Close-knit, this team have a core focus on providing expert advice to our global work force. Employee engagement and career progression is key to AP, and HR continuously work with our employees to improve and create opportunities. We believe that the people make the place!

All these positions are based in-house at our stylish London Head Office located at 154 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1R5AB.


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Talent Recruiter - US 

Agent Provocateur are currently recruiting for a Talent Recruiter (based either in LA or NY). 

Reporting to Senior HR Business Partner, the Talent Recruiter will support internal and external staff recruitment processes, as well as and contributing to team’s efforts to build an organization of talented and mission-driven individuals.

You will be responsible for:

  • Managing  end-to-end recruitment cycle from attracting to selecting candidates, through interviewing, shortlisting and presenting the candidates to the hiring managers;  
  • Woking very closely with Regional Managers and store managers to ensure retail vacancies are filled in timely manner;  
  • Be in an advisory role for all candidates to discuss their career paths and future prospects;  
  • Understand the value and importance of utilising all systems to the greatest effect       whether the CRM, job boards, LinkedIn etc. so can maximise each area - recording and documenting as you go;  
  • Recruiting at all levels within retail roles and occasionally for HQ roles ;  
  • Handling large volumes of recruitment;  
  • Creating and implementing appropriate resourcing solutions for the business;  
  • Identifying roles and attracting the right candidates;  
  • Get involved in setting up and running our sales assessment days, identifying top talent via our competency based assessment structure;  
  • Building relationship with key stakeholders within the business