Our largest team at Agent Provocateur, Merchandising handles our product (Agent Provocateur and L’Agent), where it goes, volume, stock levels and order amounts, based on continuous analysis of past sales, market trends and expert forecasting, as well as inputting into the design department. It’s a crucial part of keeping the business active and profitable across the world.

All these positions are based in-house at our stylish London Head Office located at 154 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1R5AB.


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Assistant Merchandiser


We have a great opportunity for an exceptional Assistant Merchandiser to join our mainline team!


You will assist the merchandiser to ensure maximum profit potential is achieved by delivering a product offer that exceeds customers’ expectation through effective supply chain management, i.e. the right stock, right place, right time.




Analysis & Reporting

  • Assist in the production of weekly Monday business reports. Advise on best and worst sellers and propose actions to trade the department and maximise profit.
  • Conduct detailed pre-season analysis on sales performance of ranges to support the Merchandiser with range planning.
  • Produce regular sizing analysis by region to ensure that all lines are bought in the optimal size ratio.
  • Produce ad-hoc analysis as required.


Inventory Management

  • Manage the line-cards by updating the sales forecast and suggesting any re-buys or action to be taken.
  • Help to maintain Merchandising end of the critical path - ensuring ranges are launched on time and volumes reach stores in ratio and in line with the planned buy and branch requirements.
  • Regularly liaise with the Branch Merchandising team to agree min and max stock levels by line and suggest any stock pushes or consolidations.
  • Work with the Junior Branch Merchandiser to build new store stock packages within the guidelines set by the Merchandiser and ensuring readiness for despatch pre launch.
  • Answer stock enquiries from Branch Merchandising team regarding queries from warehouse and stores and feedback to business on out of stock.
  • Oversee consolidation of fragmented stock by allocators in order to re-build stock packages for key stores worldwide.
  • Liaise with warehouse, stores, and freight companies, as well as other departments to ensure smooth delivery flow stock through the critical path.



  • Conduct Regional and Worldwide store visits as required and also competitor store visits in order to make recommendations to the Merchandiser for appropriate commercial action.
  • Updating line manager of workload, priorities, issues and project to follow through.
  • Reporting and Analysis on weekly and adhoc basis.
  • Training of MAA to minor extent- passing on knowledge of skills as appropriate,
  • Carry out any other duties as may be required to benefit the Company.


What we are looking for:

  • Experience at AM or Senior MAA level with a fashion based retailer
  • Understanding and experience in continuity planning
  • Intermediate Excel skills
  • Excellent attention to detail and good analytical skills

Please email CVs to: recruitment@agentprovocateur.com



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