As one of our larger head office teams, the Ecommerce team own the online space for Agent Provocateur. Behind every AP purchase bought from the comfort of a customer’s armchair is plenty of strategic planning and implementation from our highly motivated Ecommerce team. From flash sales to purchase journeys, our team brings together a huge variety of expertise to digitally showcase, communicate and sell a significant portion of our fabulous product.

All these positions are based in-house at our stylish London Head Office located at 154 Clerkenwell Road, London, EC1R5AB.


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CRM Coordinator

Agent Provocateur are hiring for a CRM Coordinator to support customer engagement both in retail and ecommerce, building on existing Salesforce CRM setup and developing, exploring new opportunities and processes.

Main responsibilities

  • Assist in CRM projects aimed at maximising Salesforce’s value in the business
  • Find new ways to market to our customers driven by exploring available data sources
  • Assist in development/investigation of new opportunities for email & lifecycle functionality
  • Syncing of email templates with Agent Provocateur’s ESP, upload of new season assets/imagery and defining logic to populate emails with conditional content
  • Deliver marketing data outputs including targeted and strategic customer lists for email/phone contact
  • Produce store-specific clienteling lists, help stores make the most of the available assets and report on results
  • Troubleshooting issues between Salesforce and other data sources / marketing tools


  • Basic knowledge of CRM platforms and/or Email Service Providers
  • Good understanding of direct response marketing channels and the value they represent for fashion retailers
  • Ability to deliver quality data for achieving a variety of marketing objectives
  • Ability and passion to learn technical, data, and marketing-related processes

Knowledge & Skills


  • Strong computer skills – Excel, Salesforce
  • Strong analytical mind
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent attention to detail

Personal Qualities


  • Self-starter who likes to use their own initiative and takes ownership for their own projects and tasks
  • Reliable and hard-working
  • Positive and enthusiastic with a can-do attitude, and a focus on solving problem