Retail Operations & Store Planning

The ultra-efficient head office function that looks after the running of our retail stores. From training and development to individual and team incentives they keep our stores motivated, informed and on top of their selling game. The franchise function of our business sits with our retail operations team.

With rafts of new stores, re-fits and re-models this team have their work cut out for them with our ever-expanding business. From Hong Kong to Hawaii, this team deal with architects, local government, contractors, builders and everything else needed to get a store from bricks and mortar to one of our unmistakeable AP boutiques and concessions.


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Director of Retail Stores - China

Agent Provocateur are now hiring for a Director of Retail Stores to proactively manage the performance of stores in China by leading, motivating and developing the teams, setting high standards of store presentation and service levels. 

Key Responsibilities

Business and KPI Focus

  • Drive area performance to achieve or exceed sales targets
  • Drive stores to achieve or exceed company requirement of 30% client sales
  • Monitor monthly KPI reports and action plan to meet and improve on KPI targets as region
  • Assist Managers to focus consistently on new client acquisition strategy
  • Successfully open new stores in area to company standards and target
  • Communicate regularly with key Head Office departments to reach KPI targets e.g. Merchandising, Retail Marketing, HR etc. and to improve efficiencies/ relationships between HQ and region
  • Plan key trading periods such as Sale, Valentines and Christmas so all sales potential is maximized 

Customer Service

  • Ensure all Store Managers are taking constant action to improve and enhance service levels and actively promoting client sales and new client acquisition in stores
  • Instill a culture of exceptional customer service within teams through management of Store Managers

Human Resources, Training and Development

  • Use strong presence and leadership skills to coach the Managers and sales team to maximize sales and service opportunities by spending approximately 60% of time visiting stores and developing Managers
  • Performance manage all Managers and staff using monthly performance reviews and yearly appraisals. Liaise with HR to action all areas of underperformance and recognize good performance
  • Take action to ensure future business needs are met through effective interview skills and succession planning. Train, recruit and induct new key store personnel as necessary


  • Be aware of current markets, competitors and trends and use information to drive area performance
  • Assist Managers in development of marketing relationships with local clients and businesses to bring regular/repeat business and organized events to the stores.
  • Develop local marketing plans in liaison with Retail Marketing and promote brand/stores locally through targeted activity, events and group appointments


  • Monitor payroll costs and manage staffing within given budgets. 
  • Monitor and oversee all stock takes and manage stock loss to company expectation. 
  • Ensure maximum shop floor coverage in all stores at key times using conversion analysis and adhere to company policy regarding days off/holidays
  • Complete all HR and payroll administration accurately and on time
  • Other operational duties where necessary

Candidate Specification

  • 4+ years’ experience of store management and 2+ years’ experience of multi-store management nt
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Ability to give and take instruction & direction
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to work to sales targets
  • Ability to lead and motivate teams
  • Ability to manage the performance of Managers and employees and to manage up