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The world of luxury lingerie can be a baffling (and mind-bending) place.
Don't get your knickers in a twist; gen up on all the lingo you need to know here...


> Shop Bras
Whether you want to conceal or reveal, Agent Provocateur offers a range of expertly designed bras, crafted from the most luxurious fabrics we can find. Here’s a run down of the styles to choose from:

Full Cup > Shop Full Cup

A full cup bra is designed to cover the entire breast. But don’t be fooled in to thinking this style has to be prim - sheer fabrics and asset enhancing fits ensure our full cups are utterly desirable.

Try: Love, Petunia

Demi Cup > Shop Demi Cup

A demi cup or a half cup bra is cut low, revealing plenty of sexy décolletage.

Try: Margot, Karen

Quarter Cup >Shop Quarter Cup

A quarter cup bra reveals more than it conceals - exposing the nipples - but still manages to offer light support and uplift. Wear a quarter cup bra with pasties for a little showgirl theatre.

Try: Lori, Cendrillon

Soft Cup

A soft cup bra has no underwire and an unstructured cup, revealing the natural shape of breasts. This style best suits those with a smaller cup size.

Open Bra

Underwired and cup-less, an open bra is a naughty take on the traditional undergarment that reveals the entire breast.

Bandeau Bra

This shape is not underwired but has boning to give corset-like cleavage.


> Shop Bottoms
Our beautiful bottoms come in a selection of cuts, from flattering full briefs to teasing trixies. Most are designed to complement a matching lingerie set but some show-stopping styles stand on their own merit.

Briefs > Shop Briefs

A classic brief is a close-fitting knicker that offers full coverage, though the side seam depth and shape can vary. Make no mistake, our briefs are as sexy as any skimmpier style - simply offering a little more of the luxe lace, satin or tulle you love.

Try: Maddy, Brittniei

Full/Suspender Brief > Shop Full Briefs

A full brief or suspender brief is a retro shape that offers greater coverage, as well as a flattering and tummy-sculpting shape. This style is sometimes referred to as a high-waisted brief or big brief and often comes with suspender straps.

Try: Damson, Iyla

Ouvert > Shop Ouvert

French for 'open', our ouvert briefs have subtle openings in the gusset, usually framed with contrast stitching.

Try: Alina, Janet

French Brief/Thong

This can be in the shape of knickers or a thong, and typically features a flirty lace skirt running along the hips, to add a playful touch.

Try: Fifi, Ariel

French Knicker> Shop French Knickers

Not to be confused with the French brief/ thong (ha!), a French knicker is a silky short, often trimmed with lace and slightly high-waisted. A cute retro style that can be worn under clothes or as nightwear, with a camisole.

Try: Fleura


> Shop Tie-Sides

A brief or thong with ribbon ties on both hips. These come in 'one size', so make a great gift purchase.

Try: ClassicTie-sides

Thong > Shop Thongs

A thong typically has narrower straps around the hips and reveals the more of the bottom than a brief - though cuts do vary offering greater or lesser coverage. A thong is a great choice if you are looking to avoid a VPL under tight clothing.

Try: Margot, Abbey

String/Trixie > Shop String/Trixie

The skimpiest of bottoms, a string or Trixie features super-thin straps around the hips and between the cheeks and a small triangle of fabric providing minimal coverage at the front.

Try: Trixie, Bullet


> Shop Nightwear
Whether you want to relax or seduce, reach for some sumptuous AP nightwear, crafted from luxurious crepe silk, opulent French lace and gentle layers of tulle.

Slip > Shop Slips

A Slip is a sexy nightdress with thin spaghetti straps, which offers light support to the breasts.

Try: Love, Novah

Babydoll > Shop Babydolls

A babydoll is a loose-fitting, playful nightdress which falls from the bust to the hips, often featuring bows, ribbons, ruffles, marabou or lace trim.

Try: Birthday Suit, Alina


A corselette is a tight, sculpting garment, which offers great support and shape to the body - equally good under clothing or in the bedroom.

Try: Krystalana

Kimono > Shop Kimonos

A kimono is a short, wide-sleeved gown tied with a belt, inspired by the traditional Japanese garment - an Agent Provocateur boudoir must!

Try: Matinee, Novah

Dressing Gown > Shop Dressing Gown

A dressing gown is a loose gown - often made from soft, silky fabric - that ties with a soft belt around the waist. Great for slinking around the house in.

Try: Classic Dressing Gown

Camisole > Shop Camisole

A sleeveless vest top with thin spaghetti straps, usually made from silk or satin and edged. Can be worn as nightwear or layered up in a ready-to-wear look.

Try: Luna

Vest > Shop Vest

A vest is a sleeveless top, usually made from jersey.

Try: Gurty

Playsuit > Shop Playsuits

A playsuit is a daring all in one garment, often featuring criss-cross detailing or cut out straps, exposing tantalising flashes of skin.

Try: Bullet, Charlie


> Shop Corsetry > Shop Suspenders
From silhouette-enhancing corsetry to boudoir-ready playsuits.

Corset > Shop Corsets

A corset is a classic boned undergarment that has been used for decades to create a beautiful hourglass silhouette. A corset is strapless and extends from the bust to the hips with adjustable lacing down the back and often a traditional busk down the front. It may or may not have underwired cups.
Try : Mercy, Petunia

Waspie > Shop Waspies

A smaller version of the corset, the waspie is also known as a French cinch or a waist-cincher and  is worn around the waist to create an hourglass shape. A waspie often features suspender straps.

Try: Damson, Electra

Basque > Shop Basques

A basque is a type of bodice or a longer version of a corset, which extends over the waist and usually has suspender straps attached. Basques are structured but slightly looser fitting than a corset.

Try: Love, Alina

Suspender > Shop Suspenders

We use a suspender to hold up our stockings but they fulfil so much more than this practical purpose - fantasies abound. A suspender is worn around the waist and fastens at the back. It has four clips that hang down to clip your stockings to and often features flattering drop curves.

Try: Fifi, Gloria

Roll On

A very deep suspender - a roll on 'rolls' down and overs the bottom. It fastens at the back and has suspender clips to hold up your stockings.

Body > Shop Bodies

A body is lingerie's equivalent of a one-piece swimsuit. It is usually quite form-fitting and covers the upper body and knickers.

Try: Sandra


> Shop Hosiery > Shop Accessories
From eye-catching contrast seamed stockings to sequinned pasties, don't forget to add some fun and sexy extras.

Stockings > Shop Stockings

A true AP girl is never fully dressed without stockings. Stockings are a style of hosiery that reach to the upper part of thighs and are held up by a suspender - or a brief, corset or waspie that features suspender straps.

Try: Silk Stockings, Polka Dot Stockings

Hold Ups > Shop Hold Ups

Hold ups are like stockings but they are cleverly designed to stay up on the thigh without the need to wear a suspender.

Try: Seam & Heel Stretch Hold Ups, Parisienne Hold Ups

Pasties > Shop Pasties

A disc of fabric (usually leather) embellished with tassels, sequins, bows, studs or lace designed to decorate the nipples.

Try: Tasseled Pasties, Star Pasties


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