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Miss AP – In The Mood

Remember those mood rings everyone had in the nineties? Aquamarine meant you were down in the mouth; grey you were pensive; violet you were aroused. Mine was always a murky brownish navy and I presume everyone else’s was too, given that they cost about £3 apiece so their scientific exactitude couldn’t exactly be counted on.
Want to know a better mood indicator? Your underwear. What do you find yourself reaching for in your knicker drawer on a morning when you’re feeling devious? What do you pull out when you’re planning a seduction?   Here’s the science part.



Marriage Material

Charming, poised, confident…this could be you on your wedding day.


Miss AP

Hot Chocolate

I don’t like to be premature (God knows nobody likes that) but I’m afraid I have to jump the gun here. Easter is not quite upon us, but I have been seized by > DISCOVER MORE

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