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Sex Den Soundings

Middle class clandestine sex dens are enjoying something of a resurgence in vogue of late. My friend Rosa discovered one being built upstairs from her warehouse conversion flat in Limehouse only last week. Curious about the large number of mattresses being carried up the stairs past her door, she began to suspect some sort of refugee racket and went upstairs to investigate, only to be greeted by the warm handshake of Mr X, the don of the den.



Instruction and Advice for the Agent Provocateur Bride

By Ruth Smythers, Beloved wife of The Reverend L.D. Smythers & Miss AP, Beloved concubine of the sexual underworld > DISCOVER MORE

Miss AP

Miss AP hits the White Isle

 Does Hedonism really make the world go round? > DISCOVER MORE

Miss AP

Torture Gardens: Trick, or Treat?

Happy Halloween

“Somewhere between fear and sex passion is.”

British novelist Jeanette Winterson might not have been aware of the Torture Gardens when she wrote that insightful truism, but it’s certainly what was > DISCOVER MORE

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