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The Art of the Négligée

To be a truly seductive woman one must live and breathe sex and sensuality every waking hour. Not for the true seductress a pair of baggy jersey pyjama pants and an over-sized rugby shirt just because she’s behind closed doors. No: behind closed doors is her place to shine.


All sorts of high-jinks and frolics occur at The Salon, and if I’m honest, the Showgirl is normally right at the centre of it all. Which is why she is just the woman to sit down and grill for her hints and tips as to how to pull off the perfect striptease. Because every woman should have a little party trick up her sleeve.


Getting ready with the Starlette

The origin of the word ‘glamour’ comes from a 17th century Scottish phrase meaning ‘to cast a spell’. The Starlette must have a dose of Celtic blood running through her veins, because she knows a thing or two about the importance of a little magic when it comes to seduction and glamour. Never would you spot this bird of paradise scrubbing around with chipped nails and fraying hems – she’s nothing short of sparkling. But as any magician would tell you, preparation is key when it comes to creating magic.


Miss AP – Night Night, Sleep Right

The other night while out for cocktails with some girlfriends, I heard a horrifying story. One of the girls present, we’ll call her Lola, has a long history of sleep walking. Believing it to be a relatively unimportant character trait left over from childhood, she failed to mention it to her boyfriend. He found out the hard way when one weekend, in the first blooms of their new relationship, they went to meet his parents and stay the weekend down the country. > DISCOVER MORE

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Why everyone should own a kimono

Some women walk, some scurry, and some just waft.


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