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Memoirs of Quasi Bond Girl

When I hear the term, “La Demoiselle” I think Glamour Puss, I think Super Woman, I think Bond Girl… The closest I’ve ever got to being a Bond Girl was having a threesome in the maharani’s suite in Udaipur’s Floating Palace. It’s the same place where Octopussy and her coven of kittens lived in the 1983 Bond film. We’d been at a black tie party on the ceremonial boat, I was wearing a backless gown with a thigh high split and nothing much else save for a spray of perfume and a sprinkling of diamonds, and with the champagne and the heat and the dramatic Indian sunset, one thing led to another…as it so often does.


The Swimsuit:
The Lexxi swimsuit is the only thing that’ll be bluer than the sea and hotter than the sun – essential statistics when hitting the boat party.

The Soundtrack:
Get your party started by listening to the new Krankbrother: Recollective album – from disco to house, it’s got enough beats to last til dawn.

The Accessories:
I always pack a pair of Candice shoes to dance in, and a huge pair of saucer shades to hide my eyes at El Chiringuito beach club the next day.

The Icon:
Who else but Kate Moss?


At this time of year the glossy magazines are packed with sun-soaked editorials dedicated to telling you how to get ‘holiday ready’. Two months to go: ditch the carbs. One month to go: hit the green juice. Two weeks to go: exfoliate like your life depends on it. One week to go: pedicure, manicure, spray tan, Botox, implants, etcetera.

Personally I prefer to count UP to my holiday. Here’s how…


Miss AP – Throw me a bone

The aptly named FIT museum in New York has just launched its blockbuster summer exhibition, ‘Exposed: A History of Lingerie’. It tracks the shape of ‘intimate apparel’ from the 18th century to the present, and whilst I’m looking forward to seeing the screen-printed kimonos from 1930’s boudoirs and the frilly bloomers from the denizens of the Victorian demi-monde, what I’m excited to see are the corsets…

It got me thinking about the corset. What woman doesn’t feel empowered the moment her proportions are snapped into hyperbole by this confection of silk, lace and boning?
But there are always some women wear them with more purpose than others, and here are five of the most memorable….


Miss AP – Night Night, Sleep Right

The other night while out for cocktails with some girlfriends, I heard a horrifying story. One of the girls present, we’ll call her Lola, has a long history of sleep walking. Believing it to be a relatively unimportant character trait left over from childhood, she failed to mention it to her boyfriend. He found out the hard way when one weekend, in the first blooms of their new relationship, they went to meet his parents and stay the weekend down the country. > DISCOVER MORE

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