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Miss AP – Throw me a bone

The aptly named FIT museum in New York has just launched its blockbuster summer exhibition, ‘Exposed: A History of Lingerie’. It tracks the shape of ‘intimate apparel’ from the 18th century to the present, and whilst I’m looking forward to seeing the screen-printed kimonos from 1930’s boudoirs and the frilly bloomers from the denizens of the Victorian demi-monde, what I’m excited to see are the corsets…

It got me thinking about the corset. What woman doesn’t feel empowered the moment her proportions are snapped into hyperbole by this confection of silk, lace and boning?
But there are always some women wear them with more purpose than others, and here are five of the most memorable….


Miss AP – Night Night, Sleep Right

The other night while out for cocktails with some girlfriends, I heard a horrifying story. One of the girls present, we’ll call her Lola, has a long history of sleep walking. Believing it to be a relatively unimportant character trait left over from childhood, she failed to mention it to her boyfriend. He found out the hard way when one weekend, in the first blooms of their new relationship, they went to meet his parents and stay the weekend down the country. > DISCOVER MORE

Miss AP – The Beginner’s Guide to Throwing Shapes

Last weekend while browsing in my local junk shop I came across a mint condition vinyl copy of Saga’s 1989 album ‘The Beginner’s Guide to Throwing Shapes’. It was a little before my time and if I’m honest it’s not entirely my bag (bit heavy on the electric guitar for my tastes), but it really made me think that the track list is a perfect lesson in how to approach your underwear.


The Poolside Poser #101

As the words of the great Jazzy Jeff, ‘Summer, summer summertime, time to kick back and unwind.’
The evenings and legs are longer, the diaries and gyms are fuller, the holidays and hangovers are closer. > DISCOVER MORE

Beyond the Knicker Drawer – Dispatches From the Sexual Elite

Beyond the knicker drawer with Paula di Principe Goldstein

Miss AP gets up close and personal with esteemed knicker-wearers across the globe.

This week, style editor for Purple Magazine Online, founder of Voyage D’etudes and international minx of mystery Paula di Principe Goldstein uncovers the secrets of her knicker drawer for Miss AP’s – and your own – delectation.


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