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Miss AP’s Bridal Trousseau

The Ultimate Bridal Trousseau

When Lady Georgina Spencer Cavendish married the Duke of Devonshire bridal troussea was so lavish it took almost a year for her family to put it together. A vast inventory of stockings, gloves and gowns and robes were packed into trunks to prepare the bride for life with her new husband. I can’t say I recommend spending your life’s worth on smalls for your wedding, however I must say I find the whole idea of a bridal trousseau utterly romantic, and fantastically sexy.



Miss AP’s Guide To Coachella

What’s the big deal about Coachella? Is there any more to it than a thousand pretty blondes in abbreviated denim shorts and the possibility of seeing Rihanna smoking a spliff?

Well, I went last year to find out and I’m here to tell the tale, and impart my usual dose of wisdom should you have chosen to attend the World’s Most Selfie’d Festival.


Miss AP’s Diary – Mastering The Classics

Mastering The Classics

Mastering the Classics…


Miss AP’s Little Pink Book – Rio

Miss AP's Little Pink Book Rio

To quote Gisele Bundchen, Brazilian bombshell and therefore a verified authority on Rio de Janeiro, visiting Rio is like plugging yourself into a socket, so shocking and powerful is the energy that runs through you. She’s right: Rio is electrifying. From sunset caipirinhas on Ipanema beach to all-night (and all-day) parties in the favelas, and from the dizzying heights of Christ the Redeemer to the murky depths of edgy neighbourhoods like Lapa, it’s a sensory blast that’ll leave you tingling from head to toe and right back up again to where it matters.


International Women's Day

Amongst Women

Who’s on your fantasy dinner party list? No boys allowed – this is a lime daiquiri and bowls of hummus affair, with Janis Joplin and Lorde on the stereo and scented candles in every room. This is a dinner party for X Chromosomes only, where girltalk can take centre stage in a mutual appreciation society for sisters who are doing it for themselves – and for all of womankind.


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