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Meet the Girls of Agent Provocateur

Introducing The Girls of Agent Provocateur…


Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Le Salon. It feels good to say that – I’ve been bottling my excitement about this new collection for what seems like aeons now, and having seen the whole thing develop from a naughty little twinkle in Sarah Shotton’s eye to the full-blown orgiastic glamour you see before you today, you can understand my excitement.

But first, meet your hostesses for this all-night, all-out, no-holds-barred party. They’ve been dying to meet you.



Falling for Fatale

Today marks the launch of our brand new fragrance! Say HELLO to Fatale.
Inspired by the infamous sirens that graced the glamorous Hollywood age, the latest fragrance in the AP repertoire is a voluptuous concoction of addictive florals – heavenly gardenia, smoky patchouli and violet scented Orris. Epitomised by the woman it represents; luxurious, enigmatic and seductive. She is liquid desire – a potent weapon of seduction

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Now here are Miss AP’s 5 Femmes Fatales to inspire a little lingerie role-play…


Sarah Shotton Talks Hosiery

Second Skin: Our creative director talks about the rules of hosiery

Second Skin: Our creative director Sarah Shotton talks about the rules of hosiery

1. Why should women wear hosiery?

They are very sexy, the perfect alternative to a restrictive pair of tights. > DISCOVER MORE

Best of Bridal in Editorial

Cosmo Bride China, February 2014, Fifi 


Best of Classics in Editorial

Best of Classics in Editorial

CR Fashion Book USA September 2013 Alina & Fault UK Winter 2013 Damson Corset
Alina Bra & Ouvert Brief                                                                                    Damson Corset
CR Fashion Book USA September 2013                                                     Fault UK Winter 2013


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