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An Agent Provocateur Halloween

In the last week I’ve been asked at least 27 times what I’ll be dressing up as for Halloween. It’s hardly surprising; last year’s outing as Bondage Maleficent certainly dropped a few jaws, so it’ll have to be something pretty spectacular to follow that. After not much deliberation I’ve decided I’m going with Cher. It’s got to be. What more could you want from a Halloween costume? She’s iconic, she’s weird, she’s fabulous and she wears little more than her underwear, giving you the perfect opportunity to show off some prime cuts of Agent Provocateur lingerie.

Halloween is the time for AP girls to shine, the time when all of those slithery little straps of nothingness glimmering in your underwear drawer get to come into the light – or the darkness as the case may be.

Not for us AP girls the gaudy shine of the cheap PVC nurse’s costume, or the smack of vanilla from a ‘kinky’ dark fairy. Oh no, we favour lengths of lace and quivering flesh; sumptuous silks dripping with beads; an intimidating glare and outlandish accessories.

Here are a few suggestions to get your creative juices hubbling bubbling toiling and troubling:

Huntress from Batman:

A banging body and tight spandex: may sound like a pretty standard comic-book heroine costume, but add the Jet corset and a purple cloak and mask and watch as they fall prey to your hunting prowess.


Crows are some scary sh*t you know. Get a big black beak mask and some feathered epaulettes and wear with nothing but the Daniellah corset, some big knickers and stockings. Intimidating.

Corpse Bride:

One word: Raphaella.

Malfunctioning Fembot:

Take one Ambrose slip, attach some breast-shaped pouffs of marabou to the bust, add lashings of fake tan and nuclear clouds of hairspray, and slip into a pair of Loleata mules. Then get ready to shoot lasers from your nipples. Ker-pow!

Eyes Wide Shut Freak

This is pretty much what you are anyway, but they won’t know that. Sweep around the party in the Lenara gown, with your best black lingerie beneath (I like the Lacy these days), and make sure never once to remove your Harlequin eyemask. Add a little drop of blood from the corner of your mouth and you’re practically the devil incarnate.

See our AW13 Collection Inspiration board on Pinterest for our Halloween inspiration images:

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